sunapsis consulting (Also available for other Products)

International Office Consulting is ready to help your office get the most of the sunapsis application. Whether you need help with an initial sunapsis implementation, interested in optimize existing functionality, or want to develop custom components—we are equipped to help.

Our staff have a vast array of knowledge that extend well beyond the sunapsis application. The IOC team has spent years working with F-1 & J-1 students, J-1 Exchange Visitors, and International Employees. We are confident we will be able to collaborate successfully to with your organization and leverage our own cross-functional experiences that span admissions, recruiting, data analysis/sevis coordination, student programming, and scholar/employee advising.

Service Contracts

Single Service

4, 8, 16 Hour Blocks
Starts at $900

Ideal for:

  • Business Process Review
  • Planning Support
  • Product Troubleshooting
  • Customized User Training
  • E-Form Development
  • Custom Alerts
  • Custom Reports

Ongoing Service

3-12 Months

Dedicated monthly support for your office’s routine needs

Ideal for:

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Release & Upgrade Support
  • Product Troubleshooting
  • Customized User Training
  • E-Forms, Groups & Checklists
  • Development support for Custom Components

Extended Service

6-18 Months

Project-based support to assist with broad office needs

Ideal for:

  • Implementing new software & systems
  • Process Conversions
  • Integrations
  • Anticipated Training Needs
  • Major Upgrade Preparedness Analysis
  • Gold Standard Development Practices
  • Electronic Business Process Development
  • IT Advocacy


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