our mission

International Office Consulting empowers International Education offices to effectively meet their challenging customer and compliance needs. We are a full-service team comprised of veteran international education professionals with a vast array of experience and knowledge sets. International Office Consulting excels at improving your workload by leveraging our comprehensive understanding of leading software and industry best practices. Our team is here to help with large projects such as an initial implementation, focused process roll-outs, or even individual feature support and coaching.  

sunapsis consulting


sunapsis feature support and custom development

sunapsis E-Forms & sunapsis E-Form extensions

sunapsis Checklists & sunapsis Checklist extensions

sunapsis Alerts, sunapsis Templates, & sunapsis WildCards

sunapsis Reports, sunapsis Form Letters, sunapsis Communications,

sunapsis portal (istart) Website,  and more


sunapsis Technical services

SQL Database & ColdFusion administration

SIS/HRIS to sunapsis interface support & testing

  sunapsis application configuration

sunapsis release testing


sunapsis Client support

User assistance

Effective compliance guidance

Data audits

sunapsis trouble-shooting

Knowledge solutions

Packaged materials for self-guided training and usage in your product

Small project service bundles


user training

Get individualized 1:1 product training or work with us to develop custom training materials and facilitate user training sessions for your organizational users

business process analysis

Outcomes include recommendations for optimizing process or product usage, best practice standards, and finalized workflow documentation



“From my standpoint, the services you provide are invaluable. These types of systems have the same purpose — keeping records correct and to gather statistics on the populations. But before you can do that you have to understand the system and you have to understand it well in order to build and use the system to its fullest potential. That is where a consultant can cut down on the time to put together the initial clear picture”

Susan Maldonado, Rutgers University

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