Annual Conference

Every year, iOfficeConsulting holds a virtual International Office Conference. This conference provides a space to learn about technology and best practices in the realm of International Student and Support services, as well as providing an avenue to connect with your peers. As the world becomes more interconnected, higher education institutions must adapt to the challenges of a globalized world. From cutting-edge software to emerging technologies, this conference will explore the latest tools and strategies for creating efficient and effective systems that support international students, faculty, and staff. Join us for an exciting and informative event that will help shape the future of higher education in a globalized world!

Past Conferences

  • 2024 – March 4th – 8th, 2024
  • 2023 – February 27th – March 2nd
  • 2022 – April 11th – April 14th
  • 2021 – April 27th – April 30th
  • 2020 – April 26th – April 30th