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The IOC Block Submission E-Form Extension is designed to prevent clients from submitting an e-form if they answer an e-form question incorrectly or their answer should otherwise disqualify them from submitting the e-form.  If the client attempts to submit the e-form, a customizable error message is displayed explaining why submission was prevented. The extension can help cut down on the number of e-form submissions for clients who are ineligible for a process and helps reinforce messaging to clients as to why they are ineligible.

The extension can be configured to block submission using three different methods: date comparisons, conditional fields, and numeric comparisons.

Date Comparison Block:
Date blocks prevent submission when a date entered into a field does not compare favorably to another date field, a set date, or a calculated date. The Block Submission Extension includes an %ioc_today% wildcard, which allows you use the current date date for comparison, as well as a DateAdd function, which allows you compare to relative dates (Ex. today + 60 days).

Example: Block submission of the e-form if the date the client enters is at least 60 days after today (is less than 60 days in the future).

Example Syntax: <IOC_BlockSubmission>blockcondition: clientField001 < %ioc_dateadd(‘d’,60,%ioc_today%)% message: You must enter a date at least 60 days after today.</IOC_BlockSubmission>

Conditional Field Block:
Conditional blocks prevent submission based on a conditional field being visible due to the client’s answer to a particular question. Usually, an information only field would be configured to display a warning message to the client instructing them that they should not submit the form. If they submit the form anyway, the block extension will prevent submission and display the error message. 

Numeric Comparison Block:
Numeric blocks prevent submission when a particular field’s numeric value does not compare favorably to another field’s value, or a set value. 

Example Syntax: <IOC_BlockSubmission>blockcondition: clientField014 < clientField005 message:You have not provided enough funding! </IOC_BlockSubmission>

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20230413 – Added support for nested conditionals

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