International Office Consulting IOC Custom Wildcard List

IOC Custom Wildcard List

Full IOC Wildcard List

IMPORTANT: If you have the IOC Wildcard Pack installed, please use the IOC Wildcard Information provider located under the International Office menu. The IOC Wildcard Information provider shows the most up to date information for your installation of sunapsis.

IOC Academic Wildcards

Caution: There is no way for the wildcard filler to select a specific program record. If multiple records exist, the wildcard logic attempts to return the values for the most appropriate record for the wildcard. Carefully test the wildcard values to make sure they are coming from the records you expect.

Latest Enrolled Term
Last Enrolled Term Code %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermcode%
Last Enrolled Term Type %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermtype%
Last Enrolled Term Year %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermyear%
Last Enrolled Term Start Date %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermstartdate%
Last Enrolled Term End Date %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermenddate%
Last Enrolled Term Campus Code %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermcampuscode%
Last Enrolled Term Campus Desc %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermcampusdesc%
Last Enrolled Term Acad Career Code %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermacadcareercode%
Last Enrolled Term Acad Career Desc %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermacadcareerdesc%
Last Enrolled Term Level Code %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermalevelcode%
Last Enrolled Term Level Desc %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermleveldesc%
Last Enrolled Term Credits %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermcredits%
Latest Enrolled Term Online Credits %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermonlinecredits%
Latest Enrolled Term CIPC %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermcipc%
Latest Enrolled Term CIP Desc %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermcipdesc%
Latest Enrolled Term STEM Flag %ioc_academiclatestenrolledtermstemflag%
Active Program (Lowest Seq Nbr, Highest Term)
Active Program Admit Term Code %ioc_academicactprogadmittermcode%
Active Program Admit Term Desc %ioc_academicactprogadmittermdesc%
Active Program College Code %ioc_academicactprogcollegecode%
Active Program College Desc %ioc_academicactprogcollegedesc%
Active Program School Code %ioc_academicactprogschoolcode%
Active Program School Desc %ioc_academicactprogschooldesc%
Active Program Division Code %ioc_academicactprogdivisioncode%
Active Program Division Desc %ioc_academicactprogdivisiondesc%
Active Program Career Code %ioc_academicactprogcareercode%
Active Program Career Desc %ioc_academicactprogcareerdesc%
Active Program Degree Code %ioc_academicactprogdegreecode%
Active Program Degree Desc %ioc_academicactprogdegreedesc%
Active Program Level Code %ioc_academicactproglevelcode%
Active Program Level Desc %ioc_academicactprogleveldesc%
Active Program Status Code %ioc_academicactprogstatuscode%
Active Program Status Desc %ioc_academicactprogstatusdesc%
Active Program Group Code %ioc_academicactproggroupcode%
Active Program Group Desc %ioc_academicactproggroupdesc%
Active Program Prog Code %ioc_academicactprogprogramcode%
Active Program Prog Desc %ioc_academicactprogprogramdesc%
Active Program Plan Code %ioc_academicactprogplancode%
Active Program Plan Desc %ioc_academicactprogplandesc%
Active Program Online Ind Code %ioc_academicactprogonlineindcode%
Active Program Online Ind Desc %ioc_academicactprogonlineinddesc%
Active Program CIPC Code %ioc_academicactprogcipcode%
Active Program Dept Code %ioc_academicactprogdeptcode%
Active Program Dept Desc %ioc_academicactprogdeptdesc%
Active Program Action Code %ioc_academicactprogactioncode%
Active Program Action Desc %ioc_academicactprogactiondesc%
Active Program Plan Type Code %ioc_academicactprogplantypecode%
Active Program Plan Type Desc %ioc_academicactprogplantypedesc%
Active Program GPA %ioc_academicactproggpa%
Active Program Expected Grad Term Code %ioc_academicactprogexpgradtermcode%
Active Program Expected Grad Term Desc %ioc_academicactprogexpgradtermdesc%
Active Program Degree Status Code %ioc_academicactprogdegreestatcode%
Active Program Degree Status Desc %ioc_academicactprogdegreestatdesc%
Active Program Degree Awarded %ioc_academicactprogdegawarded%
Active Program Degree Conf Date %ioc_academicactprogdegconfdate%
Active Program Seq Nbr %ioc_academicactprogseqnbr%
Admitted Program (Lowest Seq Nbr, Highest Term)
New Program Admit Term Code %ioc_academicnewprogadmittermcode%
New Program Admit Term Desc %ioc_academicnewprogadmittermdesc%
New Program College Code %ioc_academicnewprogcollegecode%
New Program College Desc %ioc_academicnewprogcollegedesc%
New Program School Code %ioc_academicnewprogschoolcode%
New Program School Desc %ioc_academicnewprogschooldesc%
New Program Division Code %ioc_academicnewprogdivisioncode%
New Program Division Desc %ioc_academicnewprogdivisiondesc%
New Program Career Code %ioc_academicnewprogcareercode%
New Program Career Desc %ioc_academicnewprogcareerdesc%
New Program Degree Code %ioc_academicnewprogdegreecode%
New Program Degree Desc %ioc_academicnewprogdegreedesc%
New Program Level Code %ioc_academicnewproglevelcode%
New Program Level Desc %ioc_academicnewprogleveldesc%
New Program Status Code %ioc_academicnewprogstatuscode%
New Program Status Desc %ioc_academicnewprogstatusdesc%
New Program Group Code %ioc_academicnewproggroupcode%
New Program Group Desc %ioc_academicnewproggroupdesc%
New Program Prgm Code %ioc_academicnewprogprogramcode%
New Program Prgm Desc %ioc_academicnewprogprogramdesc%
New Program Plan Code %ioc_academicnewprogplancode%
New Program Plan Desc %ioc_academicnewprogplandesc%
New Program Online Ind Code %ioc_academicnewprogonlineindcode%
New Program Online Ind Desc %ioc_academicnewprogonlineinddesc%
New Program CIPC Code %ioc_academicnewprogcipcode%
New Program Dept Code %ioc_academicnewprogdeptcode%
New Program Dept Desc %ioc_academicnewprogdeptdesc%
New Program Action Code %ioc_academicnewprogactioncode%
New Program Action Desc %ioc_academicnewprogactiondesc%
New Program Plan Type Code %ioc_academicnewprogplantypecode%
New Program Plan Type Desc %ioc_academicnewprogplantypedesc%
New Program GPA %ioc_academicnewproggpa%
New Program Expected Grad Term Code %ioc_academicnewprogexpgradtermcode%
New Program Expected Grad Term Desc %ioc_academicnewprogexpgradtermdesc%
New Program Degree Status Code %ioc_academicnewprogdegreestatcode%
New Program Degree Status Desc %ioc_academicnewprogdegreestatdesc%
New Program Degree Awarded %ioc_academicnewprogdegawarded%
New Program Degree Conf Date %ioc_academicnewprogdegconfdate%
New Program Seq Nbr %ioc_academicnewprogseqnbr%
Last Degree Awarded
Last Degree Awarded %ioc_academiclatestdegreeawarded%
Last Degree Confer Date %ioc_academiclatestdegreedate%
Current or Last Term (General)
Current or Last Term Code %ioc_academiccurrentlasttermcode%
Current or Last Term Type %ioc_academiccurrentlasttermtype%
Current or Last Term Year %ioc_academiccurrentlasttermyear%
Current or Last Term Start Date %ioc_academiccurrentlasttermstartdate%
Current or Last Term End Date %ioc_academiccurrentlasttermenddate%
Current or Next Term (General)
Current or Next Term Code %ioc_academiccurrentnexttermcode%
Current or Next Term Type %ioc_academiccurrentnexttermtype%
Current or Next Term Year %ioc_academiccurrentnexttermyear%
Current or Next Term Start Date %ioc_academiccurrentnexttermstartdate%
Current or Next Term End Date %ioc_academiccurrentnexttermenddate%
Next Term
Next Term Code %ioc_academicnexttermcode%
Next Term Type %ioc_academicnexttermtype%
Next Term Year %ioc_academicnexttermyear%
Next Term Start Date %ioc_academicnexttermstartdate%
Next Term End Date %ioc_academicnexttermenddate%

IOC Admission Wildcards

IOC admission wildcards are available in the context of Admission and Pre-Arrival checklists.

Application Data
Campus Code %ioc_admcampuscode%
Campus Desc %ioc_admcampus%
College Code %ioc_admcollegecode%
College Desc %ioc_admcollege%
School Code %ioc_admschoolcode%
School Desc %ioc_admschool%
Division Code %ioc_admdivisioncode%
Division Desc %ioc_admdivision%
Department Code %ioc_admdepartmentcode%
Department Desc %ioc_admdepartment%
Center Code %ioc_admcentercode%
Center Desc %ioc_admcenter%
Program Action Code %ioc_admprogactioncode%
Program Action Desc %ioc_admprogaction%
Program Action Reason Code %ioc_admprogreasoncode%
Program Action Reason Desc %ioc_admprogreason%
Applicant Status Code %ioc_admprogstatuscode%
Applicant Status Desc %ioc_admprogstatus%
Last Action Date %ioc_admprogactiondate%
Admit Term Code %ioc_admtermcode%
Admit Term Desc %ioc_admterm%
Admit Term Year %ioc_admtermyear%
Academic Data
Admit Term Type %ioc_admtermtype%
Admit Term Type Desc %ioc_admtermtypedesc%
Admit Term Required %ioc_admtermtyperequired%
Term Start Date %ioc_admtermstartdate%
Term End Date %ioc_admtermenddate%
Appl Received Method %ioc_admreceivedmethod%
Application Number %ioc_admnumber%
Document ID %ioc_admdocid%
Record Number %ioc_admrecnum%
Admit Type Code %ioc_admtypecode%
Admit Type Desc %ioc_admtype%
Academic Career Code %ioc_admacadcareercode%
Academic Career Desc %ioc_admacadcareer%
Academic Level Code %ioc_admlvlcode%
Academic Level Desc %ioc_admlvl%
Academic Group Code %ioc_admgrpcode%
Academic Group Desc %ioc_admgrp%
Academic Program Code %ioc_admprogcode%
Academic Program Desc %ioc_admprog%
Academic Degree Code %ioc_admdegcode%
Academic Degree Desc %ioc_admdeg%
Academic Plan Code %ioc_admplancode%
Academic Plan Desc %ioc_admplandesc%
Sub Plan Code %ioc_admsubplancode%
Sub Plan Desc %ioc_admsubplandesc%
Primary CIP Major Code %ioc_admcipcode%
Primary CIP Major Desc %ioc_admcipdesc%
Online Academic Plan Code %ioc_admonlineind%
Online Academic Plad Desc %ioc_admonlineplandesc%
Online Academic Plan Indicator %ioc_admonlineplanflag%
Sequence Number %ioc_admplanseqnumber%
School Funding Amount %ioc_admschoolfundsamt%
School Funding Desc %ioc_admschoolfundsdesc%
Other Institution Data
External Org School %ioc_admextorgname%
High school Grad Date %ioc_admhsgraddate%
GPA Type Code %ioc_admhsgpatypecode%
GPA Type Desc %ioc_admhsgpatype%
High school GPA %ioc_admhsgpa%

IOC Checklist Wildcards

IOC checklist wildcards are available within checklist communications and e-forms.

Record Number %ioc_checklistid%
E-Form Group %ioc_checklisteformgroup%
Application Number %ioc_checklistappnumber%
Checklist Type Code %ioc_checklisttypecode%
Checklist Type Desc %ioc_checklisttype%
Campus Code %ioc_checklistcampuscode%
Campus Desc %ioc_checklistcampus%
E-Form Group Title %ioc_checklisteformgrouptitle%
Family Key %ioc_checklistfamilykey%
Species Specifier Code %ioc_checklistspeciesspecifier%
Species Specifier Desc %ioc_checklistspeciesdesc%
Species Title %ioc_checklistspeciestitle%
Species Key %ioc_checklistspecieskey%
Genus Specifier Code %ioc_checklistgenusspecifier%
Genus Specifier Desc %ioc_checklistgenusdesc%
Genus Key %ioc_checklistgenuskey%
Genus title %ioc_checklistgenustitle%
Group ID %ioc_checklistgroupid%
Stage ID %ioc_checkliststageid%
Stage %ioc_checkliststage%
Stage Rank %ioc_checkliststagerank%
Open Stage Indicator %ioc_checklistopenstage%
Stage Entry Date %ioc_checkliststageentrydate%
Stage Record Number %ioc_checkliststagerecnum%

IOC Client Wildcards 1

Basic wildcards for all clients.

Core Biographical
University ID %ioc_clientuniversityid%
SEVIS ID %ioc_clientsevisid%
SEVIS Org Code %ioc_clientorgcode%
Campus Code %ioc_clientcampuscode%
Campus Desc %ioc_clientcampusdesc%
SubCampus Code %ioc_clientsubcampuscode%
SubCampus Desc %ioc_clientsubcampusdesc%
Country of Citizenship Code %ioc_clientcountryofcitizenshipcode%
Country of Citizenship Desc %ioc_clientcountryofcitizenshipdesc%
Citizenship %ioc_clientimmigrationstatus%
Network ID %ioc_clientnetworkid%
University Email %ioc_clientuniversityemail%
Other Email %ioc_clientotheremail%
US Phone %ioc_clientusphone%
Foreign Phone %ioc_clientfrnphone%
Office Phone %ioc_clientofficephone%
Extended Biographical
Gender Code %ioc_clientgendercode%
Gender Possessive %ioc_clientgenderPossessive%
Date of Birth %ioc_clientdob%
City of Birth %ioc_clientcityofbirth%
Country of Birth Code %ioc_clientcountryofbirthcode%
Country of Birth Description %ioc_clientcountryofbirthdesc%
US Born Reason Code %ioc_clientusbornreasoncode%
US Born Reason Desc %ioc_clientusbornreasondesc%
Country of Perm Resd Code %ioc_clientcountryofpermrescode%
Country of Perm Resd Desc %ioc_clientcountryofpermresdesc%
Citizenship Status %ioc_clientcitizenshipstatus%
Native Language Code %ioc_clientnativelanguagecode%
Native Language Desc %ioc_clientnativelanguagedesc%
Ethnicity Code %ioc_clientethnicitycode%
Ethnicity Desc %ioc_clientethnicitydesc%
Residency Status Code %ioc_clientresidencystatuscode%
Residency Status Desc %ioc_clientresidencystatusdesc%
Marital Status Code %ioc_clientmaritalstatuscode%
Marital Status Desc %ioc_clientmaritalstatusdesc%
Foreign Address Street 1 %ioc_clientfrnstreet1%
Foreign Address Street 2 %ioc_clientfrnstreet2%
Foreign Address City %ioc_clientfrncity%
Foreign Address State/Province %ioc_clientfrnstate%
Foreign Postal Code %ioc_clientfrnpostal%
Foreign Country %ioc_clientfrncountry%
Foreign Address Full (html) %ioc_clientforeignaddressfull%
US Res Address Street 1 %ioc_clientusstreet1%
US Res Address Street 2 %ioc_clientusstreet2%
US Res Address City %ioc_clientuscity%
US Res Address State %ioc_clientusstate%
US Res Address Postal Code %ioc_clientuspostal%
US Res Address Full (html) %ioc_clientusaddressfull%
IOC Wildcard Pack Version %ioc_generalwcpackversion%

IOC Client Wildcards 2

Special Notes:

  • Custom Field Wildcards: If you have custom fields configured you will see the custom field table and field combinations listed along with their corresponding wildcards in the Wildcard Replacement Information window in the client’s profile. Note that there may be two wildcards for each field. Wildcards ending with ‘code’ return the value stored in the table directly. If a field is configured with a reference table (Ex. US States), the wildcard ending with ‘desc’ will return the full description that the code references in that table (Ex. Pennsylvania). If you would like to test the wildcard simply insert the wildcard into a client email and use the Preview function, making sure to not send the email.
Doc Type (based on current visa type)
Expected Document Type %ioc_clientdoctype%
Latest Passport (Latest issue date)
Latest Passport Issue Date %ioc_clientpassportissuedate%
Latest Passport Expire Date %ioc_clientpassportexpiredate%
Latest Visa (Latest Exp Date)
Latest Visa Issue Date %ioc_clientvisaissuedate%
Latest Visa Expire Date %ioc_clientvisaexpiredate%
Latest Visa Status %ioc_clientvisastatus%
Latest Visa Entries %ioc_clientvisaentries%
Latest I94 (latest issue date)
I-94 Number %ioc_clienti94number%
I-94 Port of Entry %ioc_clienti94poe%
I-94 Issue Date %ioc_clienti94issuedate%
I-94 Expiration Date %ioc_clienti94expiredate%
I-94 Duraton of Status (Y/N) %ioc_clienti94ds%
Transfer Out (Future Release Date)
Transfer Out School %ioc_clienttransferoutschool%
Transfer Out Release Date %ioc_clienttransferoutreleasedate%
Spouse (Active with SEVIS ID, latest datestamp)
Spouse First Name %ioc_clientspousefirstname%
Spouse Last Name %ioc_clientspouselastname%
Spouse Suffix %ioc_clientspousesuffix%
Spouse DOB %ioc_clientspousedob%
Spouse SEVIS ID %ioc_clientspousesevisid%
Dependents (Active with SEVIS ID)
Dependent List (html) %ioc_clientdependentlist%
Department Contact (Most recent datestamp)
Department Contact Name %ioc_clientdeptcontactname%
Department Contact Street 1 %ioc_clientdeptcontactstreet1%
Department Contact Street 2 %ioc_clientdeptcontactstreet2%
Department Contact City %ioc_clientdeptcontactcity%
Department Contact State %ioc_clientdeptcontactstate%
Department Contact Postal Code %ioc_clientdeptcontactpostal%
Department Contact Email %ioc_clientdeptcontactemail%
Department Contact Phone %ioc_clientdeptcontactphone%
Department Contact Full Address (html) %ioc_clientdeptcontactfulladdress%
Financial Sponsor Info (Needs docs, is sponsored)
Sponsor Org %ioc_sponsororg%
Sponsor Name %ioc_sponsorname%
Sponsor Advisor Name %ioc_sponsoradvisorname%
Sponsor Advisor Email %ioc_sponsoradvisoremail%
Sponsor Advisor Phone %ioc_sponsoradvisorphone%
Sponsor Record Datestamp %ioc_sponsordatestamp%
Sponsor Fee Exempt %ioc_sponsorisfeeexempt%
Sponsor Is US Gov Sponsored %ioc_sponsorisusgovsponsored%
Sponsor Needs Fin Docs %ioc_sponsorneedsfindocs%
Sponsor Fin Doc Expiration Date %ioc_sponsorfindocexpdate%
External Immigration Document
Sponsoring Organization %ioc_othersponorg%
School / Program Code %ioc_othersponschprog%
SEVIS Number %ioc_othersponsevisid%
Start Program %ioc_othersponstartdate%
End Program %ioc_othersponenddate%
Name of Official %ioc_othersponofficialname%
Street 1 %ioc_othersponstreet1%
Street 2 %ioc_othersponstreet2%
City %ioc_othersponcity%
State Code %ioc_othersponstatecode%
State Desc %ioc_othersponstatedesc%
Postal Code %ioc_othersponpostalcode%
Phone %ioc_othersponphone%
E-mail %ioc_othersponemail%
Direct Bill %ioc_otherspondirectbill%
Last Updated %ioc_othersponlastupdate%
Custom Fields
Custom Field Codes %ioc_clientcustomfields%
Office Information (For current campus)
Office Title %ioc_clientiofficetitle%
Office Abbreviation %ioc_clientiofficeabbreviation%
Office Phone %ioc_clientiofficephone%
Office URL %ioc_clientiofficeurl%
Office Campus Email %ioc_clientiofficecampusemail%
Office Orientation Email %ioc_clientiofficeorientationemail%
Office Admission Email %ioc_clientiofficeadmissionemail%
Latest Insurance (Latest To Date)
Insurance Company Name %ioc_clientinsurancename%
Insurance From Date %ioc_clientinsurancefromdate%
Insurance To Date %ioc_clientinsurancetodate%
Insurance Purchase Date %ioc_clientinsurancepurchasedate%
Insurance Policy Notes %ioc_clientinsurancepolicynotes%
Insurance Datestamp %ioc_clientinsurancedatestsamp%

IOC DS-2019 Wildcards

Includes information from Record Management -> DS-2019 Detail Information

Active DS-2019
Active DS-2019 Start Date %ioc_ds2019activeds2019startdate%
Active DS-2019 End Date %ioc_ds2019activeds2019enddate%
Active DS-2019 Category %ioc_ds2019activeds2019category%
Active DS-2019 Position %ioc_ds2019activeds2019position%
Initial DS-2019
Initial DS-2019 Start Date %ioc_ds2019initialds2019startdate%
Initial DS-2019 End Date %ioc_ds2019initialds2019enddate%
Initial DS-2019 Category %ioc_ds2019initialds2019category%
Initial DS-2019 Position %ioc_ds2019initialds2019position%
Academic Training (Latest start, no cancel date)
Academic Training Employer Name %ioc_ds2019acadtrainingemplname%
Academic Training Start Date %ioc_ds2019acadtrainingstartdate%
Academic Training End Date %ioc_ds2019acadtrainingenddate%
Active Sites of Activity
Site of Activity List (html) %ioc_ds2019soalisthtml%

IOC E-Form Wildcards

IOC E-Form wildcards are available after the e-form has been submitted.

Client field, approver field, and internal field wildcards are available using the format “%ioc_”+ the Field ID+”%”. The Form Field ID can be found in the E-Forms Configuration under E-Form Design. For example, if you would like to return the field value for clientField004, the wildcard would be %ioc_clientField004%.

Record Number %ioc_eformrecnum%
E-Form Service ID %ioc_eformserviceid%
Campus Code %ioc_eformcampuscode%
Campus Desc %ioc_eformcampus%
E-Form Title %ioc_eformtitle%
Status %ioc_eformstatus%
Final Approver Name %ioc_eformfinalapprovername%
2nd Approver Name %ioc_eform2ndapprovername%
2nd Approver Signed Indicator %ioc_eform2ndapproversignedind%
Internal Signer %ioc_eforminternalsignername%
Client Signer Name %ioc_eformclientsignername%
Client Signed Indicator %ioc_eformclientsignedind%
Created Date %ioc_eformcreateddate%
Last Action Date %ioc_eformdatestamp%
Days in Status %ioc_eformdaysinstatus%
E-Form Group %ioc_eformgroup%
Client/Appprover Field Wildcards %ioc_eformotherwildcards%

IOC Employment Wildcards

Employee information is pulled from Employment Information -> Employee Information which resides in iuieEmployee and should be updated by the data feed.

Employment Information (Latest Active)
Position Number %ioc_emplatestposnbr%
Position Description %ioc_emplatestposdesc%
Employee Status Code %ioc_emplatestempstatuscode%
Employee Status Desc %ioc_emplatestempstatusdesc%
Historical Record Status Code %ioc_emplatesthisrecstatuscode%
Historical Record Status Desc %ioc_emplatesthisrecstatusdesc%
Primary/Secondary Status %ioc_emplatestprisecstatus%
Position Entry Date %ioc_emplatestposentrydate%
Position Exit Date %ioc_emplatestposexitdate%
Employment Type Description %ioc_emplatestemptypedesc%
Last Action Date %ioc_emplatestactiondate%
Salary Plan Code %ioc_emplatestsalplancode%
Salary Grade Code %ioc_emplatestsalgrdcode%
Compensation Pay Rate %ioc_emplatestcomppayrate%
Compensation Annual Pay Rate %ioc_emplatestcompannualrate%
Regular or Temporary Code %ioc_emplatestregtempcode%
Regular or Temporary Desc %ioc_emplatestregtempdesc%
Full-Time Part-Time Code %ioc_emplatestftptcode%
Full-Time Part-Time Desc %ioc_emplatestftptdesc%
Numeric FTE %ioc_emplatestnumericfte%
Unit Seniority Date %ioc_emplatestsenioritydate%
Position Last Paycheck Date %ioc_emplatestposcheckdate%
Last Paycheck Date (across Positions) %ioc_emplatestpaycheckdate%
Appointment Begin Date %ioc_emplatestapptbegindate%
Appointment End Date %ioc_emplatestapptenddate%
Campus Code %ioc_emplatestcampuscode%
Campus Desc %ioc_emplatestcampusdesc%
College Code %ioc_emplatestcollegecode%
College Desc %ioc_emplatestcollegedesc%
School Code %ioc_emplatestschoolcode%
School Desc %ioc_emplatestschooldesc%
Division Code %ioc_emplatestdivisioncode%
Division Desc %ioc_emplatestdivisiondesc%
Department Code %ioc_emplatestdeptcode%
Department Desc %ioc_emplatestdeptdesc%
Job Location Description %ioc_emplatestlocation%
Address Line 1 %ioc_emplatestcmpaddr1%
Address Line 2 %ioc_emplatestcmpaddr2%
Address Line 3 %ioc_emplatestcmpaddr3%
Phone %ioc_emplatestcmpphone%
Employment Summary (Latest within approval dates)
LCA Number %ioc_empsumlcanbr%
Position Number(s) for Employment Period %ioc_empsumposnbrs%
Explicitly Ignored Position Number(s) for Employment Period %ioc_empsumignoreposnbrs%
SOC Code %ioc_empsumsoccode%
SOC Desc %ioc_empsumsocdesc%
Appointment Title %ioc_empsumapttitle%
Public Inspection File Created %ioc_empsumsinspfilecreated%
I-129 Petition Mailed Date %ioc_empsumi129maildate%
Premium Processing Receipt Notice Date %ioc_empsumpremprocrcptdate%
I-129 Receipt Notice Date %ioc_empsumi129rcptnoticedate%
Case Number %ioc_empsumcasenbr%
I-129 Petition Approval Date %ioc_empsumi129petapprdate%
RFE Date %ioc_empsumrfedate%
RFE Response Date %ioc_empsumrferespdate%
Approval Start Date %ioc_empsumapprstartdate%
Approval End Date %ioc_empsumapprenddate%
Required Start Date %ioc_empsumrqststartdate%
Billing Start Date %ioc_empsumbillstartdate%
Immigration Status Code %ioc_empsumimmigstatuscode%
Immigration Status Desc %ioc_empsumimmigstatusdesc%
Status Code %ioc_empsumstatuscode%
Status Desc %ioc_empsumstatusdesc%
Effective Status Date %ioc_empsumeffstatusdate%
Type Code %ioc_empsumtypecode%
Type Desc %ioc_empsumtypedesc%
Last Position Verification Date %ioc_empsumlstposverdate%
Alien Number %ioc_empsumaliennbr%
Date Given to Lawyer %ioc_empsumgiventolawyerdate%
Name of Lawyer %ioc_empsumlawyername%
Original Approval Start Date %ioc_empsumorigapprstartdate%
Original Approval End Date %ioc_empsumorigapprenddate%
Last Updated %ioc_empsumlastupdated%
Record Number %ioc_empsumrecnbr%

IOC I-20 Wildcards

Includes information from Record Management -> I-20 Detail Information

Active I-20
Active I-20 Status Code %ioc_i20activei20statcode%
Active I-20 Status Desc %ioc_i20activei20statdesc%
Active I-20 Level Code %ioc_i20activei20levlcode%
Active I-20 Level Desc %ioc_i20activei20levldesc%
Active I-20 Other Edu Level %ioc_i20activei20otheredulevl%
Active I-20 Primary Major Code %ioc_i20activei20primajrcode%
Active I-20 Primary Major Desc %ioc_i20activei20primajrdesc%
Active I-20 Second Major Code %ioc_i20activei20secmajrcode%
Active I-20 Second Major Desc %ioc_i20activei20secmajrdesc%
Active I-20 Minor Code %ioc_i20activei20minorcode%
Active I-20 Minor Desc %ioc_i20activei20minordesc%
Active I-20 Start Date %ioc_i20activei20startdate%
Active I-20 End Date %ioc_i20activei20enddate%
Active I-20 Initial Session Start Date %ioc_i20activei20issdate%
Active I-20 English Required %ioc_i20activei20engreqd%
Active I-20 English Requirements Met %ioc_i20activei20engreqdmet%
Active I-20 English Not Required Reaseon %ioc_i20activei20engnotreqd%
Initial I-20
Initial I-20 Status Code %ioc_i20initiali20statcode%
Initial I-20 Status Desc %ioc_i20initiali20statdesc%
Initial I-20 Level Code %ioc_i20initiali20levlcode%
Initial I-20 Level Desc %ioc_i20initiali20levldesc%
Initial I-20 Other Edu Level %ioc_i20initiali20otheredulevl%
Initial I-20 Primary Major Code %ioc_i20initiali20primajrcode%
Initial I-20 Primary Major Desc %ioc_i20initiali20primajrdesc%
Initial I-20 Second Major Code %ioc_i20initiali20secmajrcode%
Initial I-20 Second Major Desc %ioc_i20initiali20secmajrdesc%
Initial I-20 Minor Code %ioc_i20initiali20minorcode%
Initial I-20 Minor Desc %ioc_i20initiali20minordesc%
Initial I-20 Start Date %ioc_i20initiali20startdate%
Initial I-20 End Date %ioc_i20initiali20enddate%
Initial I-20 Initial Session Start Date %ioc_i20initiali20issdate%
Initial I-20 English Required %ioc_i20initiali20engreqd%
Initial I-20 English Requirements Met %ioc_i20initiali20engreqdmet%
Initial I-20 English Not Required Reason %ioc_i20initiali20engnotreqd%
Transfer I-20
Transfer I-20 Status Code %ioc_i20transferi20statcode%
Transfer I-20 Status Desc %ioc_i20transferi20statdesc%
Transfer I-20 Level Code %ioc_i20transferi20levlcode%
Transfer I-20 Level Desc %ioc_i20transferi20levldesc%
Transfer I-20 Other Edu Level %ioc_i20transferi20otheredulevl%
Transfer I-20 Primary Major Code %ioc_i20transferi20primajrcode%
Transfer I-20 Primary Major Desc %ioc_i20transferi20primajrdesc%
Transfer I-20 Second Major Code %ioc_i20transferi20secmajrcode%
Transfer I-20 Second Major Desc %ioc_i20transferi20secmajrdesc%
Transfer I-20 Minor Code %ioc_i20transferi20minorcode%
Transfer I-20 Minor Desc %ioc_i20transferi20minordesc%
Transfer I-20 Start Date %ioc_i20transferi20startdate%
Transfer I-20 End Date %ioc_i20transferi20enddate%
Transfer I-20 Initial Session Start Date %ioc_i20transferi20issdate%
Transfer I-20 English Required %ioc_i20transferi20engreqd%
Transfer I-20 English Requirements Met %ioc_i20transferi20engreqdmet%
Transfer I-20 English Not Required Reason %ioc_i20transferi20engnotreqd%
Latest Requested/Pending/Approved OPT
OPT Completion Type %ioc_i20optcompletiontype%
OPT Status %ioc_i20optstatus%
OPT Time Code %ioc_i20opttimecode%
OPT Time Desc %ioc_i20opttimedesc%
OPT Start Date %ioc_i20optactualstartdate%
OPT End Date %ioc_i20optactualenddate%
OPT Recommended Start Date %ioc_i20optrecommendedstartdate%
OPT Recommended End Date %ioc_i20optrecommendedenddate%
OPT USCIS Start Date %ioc_i20optuscisstartdate%
OPT USCIS End Date %ioc_i20optuscisenddate%
OPT Remarks %ioc_i20optremarks%
OPT Student Remarks %ioc_i20optstudentremarks%
OPT Receipt Number %ioc_i20optreceiptnbr%
OPT Days Unemployed %ioc_i20optdaysunemployed%
OPT Latest Validation Date %ioc_i20optvalidationdate%
OPT Last Eval Date %ioc_i20optevaldate%
OPT Recnum %ioc_i20optrecnum%
OPT SEVIS Employer ID %ioc_i20optsevisemplid%
OPT Information
OPT Authorizations List (html) %ioc_i20optauthlist%
OPT Information
OPT Authorizations and Employment List (html) %ioc_i20optauthemplist%
Approved CPT (Latest start date)
Approved CPT Employer Name %ioc_i20approvedcptemplname%
Approved CPT Start Date %ioc_i20approvedcptstartdate%
Approved CPT End Date %ioc_i20approvedcptenddate%

IOC User Wildcards

User wildcards apply to logged in IOM users.

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User Phone %ioc_userphone%
User Email %ioc_useremail%
User Username %ioc_userusername%
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