DateAdd Functionality

The IOC Wildcard Pack now includes a DateAdd function that allows units of time (typically days) to be added or subtracted from dates returned by wildcards. The DateAdd functionality is useful for displaying deadlines relative to things like I-20 End Date, OPT End Date, etc. 

DateAdd format example:  %ioc_dateadd(‘d’,-30,%ioc_clientdob%)% 

    • The DateAdd function “%ioc_dateadd()%” starts and ends with percent signs and is lowercase. 
    • d” in single quotes indicates days as the unit of time to added/subtracted. The IOC DateAdd function mimics the ColdFusion DateAdd() function. See the ColdFusion DateAdd documentation for the proper codes for other units of time.
    • -30” is the number of time units to be added or subtracted. In this case we are subtracting 30 days.
    • %ioc_clientdob%” is the date to add/subtract the units from. IOC date wildcards should already be formatted correctly but any other dates used should be formatted like January 21, 2020.

 See the ColdFusion DateAdd documentation for more details on syntax options. 

ColdFusion DateAdd() function