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For sunapsis users, would you like to embed a video in an E-Form? 

Embedding a video from YouTube can provide a powerful alternative to written text on E-Forms. Much like embedding an image to a publicly accessible folder on the internet, a video can be embedded using an “iframe” in html by a few simple steps. The following steps are to embed a video from YouTube, and a similar method can also be used for Youku. To get the YouTube iframe link, go to the YouTube video you wish to embed. Underneath the video, click SHARE. Select Embed from the menu that pops up. Copy the HTML code that contains the iframe link.

Now, navigate to the E-Form you are building in sunapsis and create an Informational Display Only field type. Click on the source code button in the E-Form toolbar and insert the following html:
<p><iframe src=”YOURyoutubeiframeCODE” width=”426″ height=”240″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””></iframe></p>

The video image will appear in the E-Form Information Display Only field and you will be able to click on it from inside the E-Form and at iStart. Adjust the width and height as needed. Include any other text, links and information in the field.

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