Wildcard Solution


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All new functionality with wildcards!


The IOC Custom Wildcard Pack leverages sunapsis’ custom component support to further extend the usefulness of wildcards allowing you to create more dynamic emails, letters, and e-forms. The IOC Custom Wildcard Pack includes the following distinct features.


  • The new IOC Custom Wildcards collection includes new wildcards that are not currently available in a stock sunapsis implementation. The wildcards were chosen for a number of reasons including feedback from the community, accessibility of the data, and potential future usefulness. Our goal is to provide as many useful wildcards as possible without compromising the speed of the sunapsis application. In many cases, wildcards may not have immediately obvious uses but we can still include them with no performance penalty in case it may be useful in the future.
  • The IOC Wildcard Substitute functionality was developed to allow for the insertion of a substitute value in cases where the original requested wildcard value is empty. For example, imagine an email using a wildcard that inserts the client’s US phone number. If a client doesn’t have a US phone number, instead of showing an empty space where the phone number should be you can include the text “No US Phone number on record. ”The substitute value can be either a predetermined string (Ex. “No US Phone Number on record.”) or a different wildcard (Ex. ioc_clientforeignphone). In addition, multiple substitutes can be designated but only the first substitute to return as none empty will be inserted.
  • The IOC Wildcard E-Form Extension provides the following features to extend the usefulness of wildcards within sunapsis:
    • Allows wildcards to be used in information only fields to generate dynamic content for the client or approver
    • Allows wildcards to be used in a field’s default value setting to dynamically prepopulate the field value before the e-form is loaded for the client or approver
    • Provides Hide Unpopulated Wildcard Codes, Hide Field, and Read-Only Field modifiers to alter how fields are displayed to the client or approver.